Kitty Bait

Probability of attracting a cat’s attention by various means:

  1. Calling across front garden at dusk: .001.
  2. Waggling fingers at conscious cat from 3 feet away: .02
  3. Accidentally wiggling a toe under a blanket in the middle of the night: .997.

I’m Not Dirty I’m Just Rustic

So I am going to be asked to host a party. How come I say that you ask? Because that is how I am, I know things. Actually that is what they pay me for at work. No, not parties, but knowing things. If I don’t know things then production has to slow, and well that would leave a lot of people very angry with me and we don’t want to go there.

And that is why I know that I will be asked to host the party. Which is why I spent all day cleaning the house… bathrooms, washed the floor, balcony.. everything is clean now. Or for the next few minutes. It was amazing how much hair I lose. It is everywhere. On the floors, on the bed, and more I lose, more it grows. I mud the floor and hair is there few minutes after I get done cleaning. And there is cat hair as well. And come to think about it, the mud, well, no it was definitely mud. Stop looking at me like that.

While this is as clean as the place has been in months it is really just a matter of time before it gets messy again. I have been tired lately. And that is a reason for the chaos. At least that is what I tell myself. Chaos is a good scapegoat. And while I don’t use it for my professional career my personal life gets to see quite a bit of that quadruped. Procrastination is its sister.

I know because I have met her in equally portions. I tried to clean the house a while ago and even I spent more than few hours at it, there was no visible difference. So that was a motivation killer and I just stopped. Today I finally conquered both of them.

Now I am mostly ready to be asked to host.

Maybe all I still need to do is clean the refrigerator. Which shouldn’t be too hard because it is empty.

While I didn’t want to do it, at least now I didn’t have a lot of other options. I could have left it dirty and told everybody that I was just a rustic country girl. That would have sounded great in my head, but the first time I would have used it I would have went as white as a sheet and they would probably never talked to me again. Oh, right… And though I have been seeing a lot of them lately, rustic invitations for weddings mostly I haven’t gotten this urge to go country. Some of my friends have decorated there places in this whole boho look which while cute, for maybe five minutes, gets old quick and you just have to wonder what they will do next year. Because I know that they will get sick of it too. It is just a matter of time. And then the stuff will just land on the curb and they will have a new favorite look. Which I am all for switching things up when they need to be switched up. But I regress.

The party won’t be anything big, I am thinking about also inviting this guy I am interested in and hope that he sort of clings to me because he doesn’t know anybody at the party, but there is the reservation that he might take to one of the hotties present and just blow me off. I’m still undecided on this one.

As I was cleaning I thought the whole time, you know things are just going to get dirty again and you will have to clean in a week.

Then I thought:

  • Maybe you could wait until next party
  • Which means you would party more often
  • Which means that you would clean more often
  • Which means well, my place would be cleaner

I am not decided on the last part.

It Feels Like Snow

Just got back from picking up my bike from its servicing. Cycling down the hill toward the river and then along the riverside and through town, letting the cold air and the scent of autumn rush over me, stilling my thoughts and washing jumbled thoughts and French philosophy out of the crevasses of my mind. Solitude, freedom, just me and my lovely blue bicycle working in harmony. A few minutes of perfect happiness, in the nearly-winter twilight.

Of course it was disturbed by being thrown off my bike by the stupid cow gate, but it was nice while it lasted.

Spring Cleaning? Hardly

The rest of my place is a mess but I’m spending today and tomorrow going through books and getting rid of some of them. I’ve already got some cookbooks and a handful of others, and there will likely be more as I finish sorting through. I suspect some fiction, cs and maths.

I’ve sold slightly more books outside Amazon and slightly fewer through Amazon since Amazon Unlimited, the Amazon ‘read all the books you like a month for a fixed price’ service came in. To be honest, given that the numbers are so small compared to overall sales (which are also not huge, but generally steady) I think this is more likely to be noise in the statistics than anything else. I don’t have my books signed up for Amazon Unlimited because you have to give Amazon exclusive ebook rights and I’m not prepared to dump on my loyal .epub customers or to put all my eggs in one enormous mechanized basket, but I’d definitely be interested to know how it’s working out for anyone who has gone with it.

Doctor Marvelous

I am really tired because I have been working all day for three days straight and I still have more work.

I can’t breathe well and all my shoulder muscles hurt and my throat hurts and I’m hungry but I can’t muster the ability to cook anything at all or even find a cookie and there is no one here to take care of me and I really want to do a load of dishes and vacuum but I can’t muster the energy for that either and I feel like I am going to die and the cat just took an enormous shit and the house smells, and of course I don’t have a stuffy nose.

And the title has nothing to do with the post or does it?

Unusual Chickens

I was recently introduced to Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by my little cousin. She loves the books from Kelly Jones.

Charming, beyond my wildest dreams. Epistolary novel of a 12 year old biracial girl whose family has move to the country. Sophie must gather up and learn about the 7 unusual chickens her great uncle Jim owned. Telekenesis, Invisibility, petrification, super speed and 3 more mysterious chickens all while the local poultry expert lady is trying to steal her chickens right out from under her.

D A R L I N G.

The Source Of The Stress

Yesterday I got offered a raise and a promotion. Ack! My company got awarded a contract because of the work I’ve been doing and now they want me to lead it. Maybe I should have considered that possibility. I guess this means they don’t regret promoting me last March.

I’m worried about the stress levels, but honestly not taking the position wouldn’t appreciably decrease the stress levels. Given their options, I have to admit that I’m the best choice for the position. I’ve been on this contract longer than anyone except 2 people. One of those melts away from as much work as possible and the other is too disorganized to follow through on his commitments. I’m good at my job, good at customer service, good at organization, and good at follow-though. And frankly, if I hadn’t been kicking ass at this job and making my company’s team the most effective avenue to get anything done for the last couple of years the new contract might not even exist. People have been trying to herd me in a project management direction for years, and this is probably my best chance to give it a try in an environment I really understand. So, let’s see where it goes.

The Game of Thrones

I really, really enjoy watching Game of Thrones, but since I know what’s going to happen I’m not crazy over it like I am with some of the other more original shows. That might be why I partially skipped watching it in the beginning and finally picked it up later. And while everyone around here watches it, no one has read the books, so I find myself mostly biting my tongue and nodding along because… spoilers.

I don’t know what I’ll do. Sigh sigh sigh.

My mom started watching it with me, or vice versa. Yeah, I know we live in different states… but she finally got skype to work; now we Facetime to watch tv together. Progress!