I Guess They Call This Progress

I narrowly met my no-pattern sewing goal for December/January by sewing a full-length t-shirt dress in a random knit fabric I had lying around It turned out well and I created a pattern to use for future versions. I was feeling so successful that the next day I started recreating a skirt I’ve had for several years. I haven’t finished that yet, but it shouldn’t take too long.

I finished knitting the shawl I started last summer during a moment of inspiration (get it done before winter!). It is gorgeous and I need to take pictures of it once it’s blocked (or decide not to block it). I also finished a quick cowl I started recently as well.

I fell off the exercise wagon in December and only really exercised twice, though I did exercise regularly. That’s a bummer because I’ve been doing so well at exercising twice a week for the last several years. This YEAR will be better.

I connected with a gentleman at work, and we had a date and have another one scheduled later this week. He’s a delightful combination of exciting and comfortable and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better.

My Day Is Marvelous

Mine is lovely, thanks 🙂 It started with a reasonable wake-up time, opening presents by the tree, and breakfasting on Stollen and cantaloupe. I then moved on to the being a slacker portion of the day, and then went out for a drive around and some minor sous-chefing. Santa was quite kind to me, as I am up a fancy travel wallet thingy, a gorgeous Fossil vintage re-issue large satchel (steel blue) and matching everyday wallet, a very useful travel makeup kit, and a box of chocolates in a box made out of chocolate. Soon, dinner, and some slacking and reading, for a lovely evening.

Got Motivated Then Made Food

Thanks to my mom’s suggestion of roasted chicken, I’ve decided to… roast a chicken.

I’m going to make a compound butter with shallots, garlic, thyme and rosemary and rub it under the skin, and stuff the cavity with lemons and moar shallots. I’m also making roasted winter veg (potatoes, carrots, and baby beets) and a green salad. For dessert, there’s going to be baked figs with cinnamon and honey with Chantilly cream on the side. I got a rosemary and sea salt focacia from the bakery that sells on the market stall. After that, given that I got unwaxed lemons, there may be some experimentation with cocktails, of some sort.

It Feels Like Snow

Just got back from picking up my bike from its servicing. Cycling down the hill toward the river and then along the riverside and through town, letting the cold air and the scent of autumn rush over me, stilling my thoughts and washing jumbled thoughts and French philosophy out of the crevasses of my mind. Solitude, freedom, just me and my lovely blue bicycle working in harmony. A few minutes of perfect happiness, in the nearly-winter twilight.

Of course it was disturbed by being thrown off my bike by the stupid cow gate, but it was nice while it lasted.

Spring Cleaning? Hardly

The rest of my place is a mess but I’m spending today and tomorrow going through books and getting rid of some of them. I’ve already got some cookbooks and a handful of others, and there will likely be more as I finish sorting through. I suspect some fiction, cs and maths.

I’ve sold slightly more books outside Amazon and slightly fewer through Amazon since Amazon Unlimited, the Amazon ‘read all the books you like a month for a fixed price’ service came in. To be honest, given that the numbers are so small compared to overall sales (which are also not huge, but generally steady) I think this is more likely to be noise in the statistics than anything else. I don’t have my books signed up for Amazon Unlimited because you have to give Amazon exclusive ebook rights and I’m not prepared to dump on my loyal .epub customers or to put all my eggs in one enormous mechanized basket, but I’d definitely be interested to know how it’s working out for anyone who has gone with it.

The Game of Thrones

I really, really enjoy watching Game of Thrones, but since I know what’s going to happen I’m not crazy over it like I am with some of the other more original shows. That might be why I partially skipped watching it in the beginning and finally picked it up later. And while everyone around here watches it, no one has read the books, so I find myself mostly biting my tongue and nodding along because… spoilers.

I don’t know what I’ll do. Sigh sigh sigh.

My mom started watching it with me, or vice versa. Yeah, I know we live in different states… but she finally got skype to work; now we Facetime to watch tv together. Progress!