My Day Is Marvelous

Mine is lovely, thanks 🙂 It started with a reasonable wake-up time, opening presents by the tree, and breakfasting on Stollen and cantaloupe. I then moved on to the being a slacker portion of the day, and then went out for a drive around and some minor sous-chefing. Santa was quite kind to me, as I am up a fancy travel wallet thingy, a gorgeous Fossil vintage re-issue large satchel (steel blue) and matching everyday wallet, a very useful travel makeup kit, and a box of chocolates in a box made out of chocolate. Soon, dinner, and some slacking and reading, for a lovely evening.

Got Motivated Then Made Food

Thanks to my mom’s suggestion of roasted chicken, I’ve decided to… roast a chicken.

I’m going to make a compound butter with shallots, garlic, thyme and rosemary and rub it under the skin, and stuff the cavity with lemons and moar shallots. I’m also making roasted winter veg (potatoes, carrots, and baby beets) and a green salad. For dessert, there’s going to be baked figs with cinnamon and honey with Chantilly cream on the side. I got a rosemary and sea salt focacia from the bakery that sells on the market stall. After that, given that I got unwaxed lemons, there may be some experimentation with cocktails, of some sort.

Life Full Of Wonderful People

Life is really good. Full of wonderful people. Peace, intimacy, and quiet in my head – nothing to struggle over right now. I’m just letting life roll over me in a smooth rush. It’s like being a stream bed on the side of a mountain. It’s going so fast. I can’t hold any of it still, but I can savor all of it. I am still and I am constant and bits of me are moved by the water as it touches and pulls at me everywhere. Joyful

It Feels Like Snow

Just got back from picking up my bike from its servicing. Cycling down the hill toward the river and then along the riverside and through town, letting the cold air and the scent of autumn rush over me, stilling my thoughts and washing jumbled thoughts and French philosophy out of the crevasses of my mind. Solitude, freedom, just me and my lovely blue bicycle working in harmony. A few minutes of perfect happiness, in the nearly-winter twilight.

Of course it was disturbed by being thrown off my bike by the stupid cow gate, but it was nice while it lasted.

Unusual Chickens

I was recently introduced to Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by my little cousin. She loves the books from Kelly Jones.

Charming, beyond my wildest dreams. Epistolary novel of a 12 year old biracial girl whose family has move to the country. Sophie must gather up and learn about the 7 unusual chickens her great uncle Jim owned. Telekenesis, Invisibility, petrification, super speed and 3 more mysterious chickens all while the local poultry expert lady is trying to steal her chickens right out from under her.

D A R L I N G.